Votive Candles

Did you know there are 100 candles in the Daily Mass Chapel?
Candles need to be replaced on a routine basis.
Would you share in this task?


If you can help with once a week, every other week, once a month, whatever time you can spare, an extra pair of  hands would be appreciated!


The mechanics are simple:

  • pop out the metal disk at the bottom of the votive cup
  • drip a tough of oil in the bottom of the votive cup
  • plop the new candle in the cup and straighten the wick
  • replace the votive cup in the wall holder

Depending on how many candle are burned out, there are as few as a dozen candles to replace or as many as four dozen per week. It usually takes  only 20-30 minutes to replace four dozen candles.


Contact for this ministry is Carol Adam at 895-4755