The Sacred Liturgy is the greatest treasure given to the Catholic Church. Due to its importance to the faithful, every aspect of the Liturgy must be attended to with the greatest care.  The many parts and contributions from so many, combine to bring all closer to our Lord Jesus Christ. One of these contributions comes from those who serve as Ushers. These ministers help assure that the flow of the liturgy is maintained and that all those attending are comfortable and safe. They are also entrusted with the collection of the gifts offered by the faithful in support of the parish and others in need. Because of the dignity of the mass and the high visibility of the ushers, they are expected to dress well. Currently we are in need of ushers for the 10:30am  & Noon Sunday masses. The usher ministry at St.Stephen the Martyr is composed mainly of adult males but we do have a number of women and youth who are members of the ministry. In the future we would like to see many more of them volunteering as Ushers.


For additional information or to sign-up, please contact the Liturgy Office. k.hardy@stephen.orgPh: 861-4537  or call our Head Usher, Craig Lowman  Ph: 895-4801