Children may choose to become Servers for Sunday Mass once they reach the 5th grade. They will need to complete a training session on a Saturday morning. Training is scheduled two times a year: September and January.. Newly trained servers will be scheduled to serve for their 1st year at any  mass that might be in need of servers, after which they may choose to serve at a mass time of preference. They will also receive a gold pin in recognition of their first Sunday mass as a server.
Boys and girls in the 8th grade may aspire to becoming Master Servers. These young people take on leadership duties in their ministry to assist in various ways with younger servers and the weekend liturgies. They are publicly commissioned and wear gold crosses over white albs, in recognition of their position. They may serve on occasion at special liturgies and will be eligible for recognition at the diocesan level at the annual Serra Club Altar Server Awards.


High school students may join the ranks of our Senior Servers. These servers only scheduled with their peers. They wear flax colored albs, medallions and brown cords. They are publicly commissioned at a Sunday Mass. They may serve in pairs, which they often do, or even solo. These servers have the privilege and the responsibility to minister at the most important and solemn liturgies each year. Those who continue in this ministry through high school graduation are publicly de-commissioned and recognized for their valuable contribution to the parish.


If interested in this ministry contact the ministry office at 861-4537 or

Server Training Video