CORE Teams

Adults Wanted! We are currently looking for more adults (19 and older) to join our EDGE and Life Teen core teams! If you love sharing your faith and enjoy working with youth, our core team could be the place for you…

We would NOT be able to offer youth ministry programs without our amazing core team family!


A core member is someone who volunteers their time to serve the youth of our parish by helping with youth ministry. We have 2 different core teams that work closely together to pray for and prepare for our youth ministry activities, as well as help make sure our youth nights and events run smoothly. Our Life Teen core team works with our high school group, while our Edge core team works with our middle school aged kiddos. We also encourage parents to consider joining a core team, either as an active member or in an advisory capacity.

But what does it mean to be a core member? What is it that we do?

  1. Relational Ministry-It’s just like Jesus taught us. We get in the trenches to build healthy relationships with the youth, and in doing so, help strengthen their relationship with Christ. It’s about getting to know and caring about these teens, and setting a positive example for them by how we live out our lives. Our goal is to provide a safe, welcoming, and loving atmosphere to all who join us at any youth ministry function.
  2. Evangelize & Catechize-The Life Teen & Edge motto is “Leading Teens Closer to Christ.” We strive to draw the youth closer to Jesus while providing continued faith formation. Sure, there is plenty of time for pizza, ping pong, and Nerf fights, but we are also passing on the Church teachings through personal testimonies, skits, and presentations based off of the theme for each semester. And no worries! We use the Life Teen & Edge curriculum, which follows the guidelines as laid out by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) framework. So long story short, you are not left to fend for yourself…materials will be provided to help with planning and researching any teachings given.
  3. Small Group Discussions-They talk. We LISTEN. Small groups are a very vital part of both relational ministry and of sharing our faith! During most youth nights, we will have an opportunity to divide into small groups to help the youth process the night’s lesson. This gives them time to share any thoughts that they may have, ask additional questions, and seek advice if need be.
  4. Prayer, Planning, & Preparation! Youth nights don’t just happen! Our core teams get together to pray for our ministry, plan upcoming youth nights and events, and divvy-up a wide variety of tasks: Who is giving the teaching? Who will lead prayer? Who will help out in the kitchen, or come early to set-up for the night?
    • Our Life Teen Core Team meets on the first Thursdays of the month, at 7:15 PM in the Staff Lounge.
    • Our Edge Core Team meets following each Edge night, staying for an additional 20 minutes after the youth leave and we’ve cleaned up.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a core member, or other ways to become involved with Youth Ministry, PLEASE don’t hesitate to reach out! Contact Laura at or at 402-861-4509.


The best way to learn about our faith, is to TEACH our faith! Don’t let fear get in the way…If God brings you to it, He’ll see you through it.



Laura Bogue, Youth Minister

Ph: 402-861-4509