School Registration


The Welcome Tuition Grant is a two year program available for new students to be registered in grades 1st-7th and transferring from a public school, home school, or other private, non-Catholic school.
The grant amount in year one will be $1000 off tuition and $500 off in year two. Families would assume full tuition rates in year three.
Please contact the school office at 402-896-0754 for details.


Our 2017-2018 registration opening soon.

Please contact Wendy Schmitt, Courtenay Swanstrom,  or Dr. Roseanne Williby with any questions or concerns at:, or 402-896-0754

Home and School Membership Form

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Pre-Kindergarten Registration Materials 

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Pre-K Registration

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Kindergarten, New Student, and K-8 TEFT

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Kindergarten Registration Letter

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