2 Day Program 3 year-olds: Typically being the child’s first school experience, the majority of our time is focused on social / emotional development. The child learns how to be part of a group by developing skills in cooperation, sharing and patience. Listening skills, following directions and fine motor skills are also a part of the cognitive learning process in conjunction with the theme of the week.

3 Day Program 4 and 5 year-olds: This program also focuses on the child’s social / emotional development. The child will experience a higher level of cognitive learning within our curriculum. The child will also have more exposure to experiences that will further develop their ability to follow directions, listen attentively, and strengthen their fine and large motor skills.

High Fiver’s Program: 5 yr. olds and older 4 year-olds: This program is designed for the older student who is physically and emotionally ready to experience a 5 day per week session. It will follow the same curriculum as the 3 day program with 2 days of enrichment activities.


3 year-old         2 days 7:50—10:30 a.m.

4 year-old         3 days 7:50—11:00 a.m.

4-5 year-old      5 days 12:10—3:10 p.m.


Learning Experiences for Your Child

Religion – Prayer, Beginner’s Bible stories, God’s Shining Star, art activities, preparation and celebration of Religious holidays, values. Stories are shared from God is Love Series.

Art– Painting, art projects, craft center, play dough.

Literature – Daily stories, Letter of the Week, letter with appropriate sound recog-nition, rhyming activities, phonics.

Math – Number recognition, counting, sim-ple addition and subtraction through use of manipulatives.

Music & Movement – Songs, finger plays, instruments, rhythm sticks, dance, in class large motor movement activities, Friday gym time.

Science – Discovery table, hands on experi-ments.

Social Studies/Geography – Literature, use of the classroom globe and maps, recog-nizing other cultures’ lifestyles and customs.

Field Trips – Fire Station, Gifford Farm, Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo, New Cassel Retirement Center.

Snack Time – Hand washing techniques, prayer before meal, table manners, polite table conversation.

Learning Centers – Dramatic play area, blocks, puzzles, library, kitchen, puppets, workbench, educational toys to promote learning

Pre-School Website

Please contact Wendy Schmitt, Courtenay Swanstrom, or Dr. Roseanne Williby with any questions or concerns at:, or 402-896-0754


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