What is an endowment fund?

Endowment trusts are created for the purpose of supplying support and benefit to the beneficiaries of the trust.  At St. Stephen the Martyr, trusts have been established to benefit the church, school, religious education, scholarships, youth ministry, and teachers’ salaries.


Our trust fund documents state that only the income earned on the fund is to be used for the support of the beneficiaries; the principal is to be held to produce income for the future.  Thus, your gift to an endowment helps insure a strong and viable parish for generations to come.

What endowment trust funds have been established?

  • Parish Endowment Trust Fund
  • Elementary School Education Endowment Trust Fund
  • Religious Education Endowment Trust Fund
  • Teachers’ Salary Endowment Trust Fund
  • Scholarship
  • Youth Ministry

When are contributions made to an endowment trust fund?

  • A memorial for someone who is deceased, your gift can be directed to one of the endowment trust funds in their name.
  • Donations given in memory of a member of your family may be directed to an endowment trust fund.
  • Gifts are often made to endowment funds in honor of a special event, such as parents’ anniversary, birthdays, graduation, or in honor of a retirement.
  • Donations can be made to any of the endowment trust funds through a will, bequest, or a personal trust.
  • At any time and for any reason.

Is a minimum contribution amount required?

Any amount to an endowment is acceptable and appreciated.  The donor may also be eligible for a tax deduction for the charitable gift.

How do I make a contribution?

Please direct your questions to:


Judy Kirst
St. Stephen the Martyr
16701 S St.
Omaha, NE  68135

(402) 896-4507