Marriage Enrichment

Marriages may be made in heaven, but they sure take a lot of work on earth!

St. Stephen the Martyr and the Omaha Archdiocese Family Life Office offer many resources to enrich your marriage relationship.


REFOCCUS is designed to help you communicate, understand, and study your marriage relationship. This program has five sections covered in three sessions that refocus your attention on the core issues of relationship. These topics touch on both the “big picture” and the day-to-day issues of marriage. It is designed to help couples affirm what is strong in their marriage and help explore areas for growth and or problem solving.  At this time this program is administered at the archdiocsean level.

To register or order a packet for at home use, contact the national FOCCUS website at send an email to

St. Stephen Parish Library

Our library has over 2000 books/ videos many focusing on marriage and family. The library is located in the SSM room in the main north hallway.

St. Stephen Family Life Resource Center

Visit our Family Life Resource Center in the parish dining room for additional information on marriage counseling and to obtain other marriage enrichment resources.

Marriage Encounter

This weekend is designed to help married couples communicate more intimately with one another in order to deepen and enrich their relationship. Refresh your relationship by taking a new look at your marriage, priorities, and lifestyle. Rediscover your hopes and dreams! Contact: Tom & Karen Marble, 896-3925.

Retrouvaille (Retro-vī)

A Resource for Troubled Marriages Is your Marriage tearing you apart? Are you considering separation or divorce? Are you separated or divorced and want to try to rebuild your marriage?

Retrouvaille (retro – vī) is designed to help couples put the pieces back together and rebuild loving relationships. It begins with a weekend experience where couples are helped tore-establish communication and to gain new insights into themselves and as a couple. Follow up sessions, with a series of 12 presentations, are offered in the three months following the initial retreat. for dates and locations.

Call: 1-888-317-5654 for more information.


If you are divorced and/or married outside the church and would like to know more about the annulment process, contact Deacon Marty Warwick at or call 402-861-4506.

Cohabitating Couples

Couples who are living together and are interested in being married or learning more about why to marry in the Church are welcome to contact one of our priests at the parish office 896-9675.

Couples Married outside of the Catholic Church

Couples who would like information on validating their marriage in the Catholic Church are invited to meet with one of our priests. Convalidation programs vary based upon the number of years you have been married. Programs may include FOCCUS, REFOCCUS and an Archdiocesan two session program.

Call the parish office at 861-4506.

Interchurch Marriage Support Group

Support group meets to share what has worked in their interfaith marriages, learn from each other’s experiences, and for fellowship with other interchurch couples. Contact Rich and Shirley Aken, 895-0139 or Doug and Lynne Wragge 896-3215. Group meets at St. John Vianney.

Second Marriage Support Group

For more information on the Second Marriage Support Group please contact: Fred & Rose Puetz 331-060