Prayer Shawl Ministry

What is a Prayer Shawl?


For those of us who love to knit or crochet, nothing is as soothing as the gentle touch of soft and silky yarn as it glides through our fingers. As our hands move quickly and surely over our work, the repetitive motion of interlocking the familiar stitches allows our mind to relax and drift. As we work, our thoughts often turn to friends and loved ones, especially if we are creating a gift for them. If we feel worried or concerned, it is natural that we would softly breathe a spontaneous prayer, asking for God’s blessings for them as we stitch along.
These prayers and blessings become as much a part of the fabric of the knitted or crocheted item as the yarn itself. The finished items become physical expressions of our prayers, a reminder of our love and God’s blessings. These items are gifts like none other – gifts of hope, of comfort, of peace and of love.
We crafters have been blessed because we can use the talent God has given us to create a special wrap or blanket called a Prayer Shawl for those we care about and love. Just wrapping up in one of these beautiful shawls will remind the recipient of your prayers and the love with which it was made. It also gives us some peace of mind that we are able to do something for that person in addition to saying “I will pray for you.”
Anyone who loves God and knows how to knit, crotchet, quilt or tie fleece blankets can create a Prayer Shawl. Prayer Shawls can be different sizes, shapes and colors and they can be given for various reasons.

Who Can Receive or Request a Prayer Shawl?

Any member of the parish may request a Prayer Shawl or Blanket by contacting Sr. Clarice Faltus at the Parish Office or by contacting a member of the Prayer Shawl Ministry. There is no charge to receive a Prayer Shawl, a free-will donation may be made to the Care Ministry if you would like to make a contribution. This may be used by the Care Ministry for whatever needs present themselves – food or assistance to those in need, as well as to purchase materials for Prayer Shawl Ministry. Jan Mitchell is available to answer any questions you may have: or by phone: 402 895-3215

When Does the Group Meet?

Prayer Shawl Ministry meets at 9:15 am in the GPC on the second Wednesday of the Month, with the exception of the summer months (June-August). You do not have to attend the meetings to be a member of the ministry, however, as many of the members work on projects only in the evenings and on weekends and are unable to attend the daytime meeting. If you need patterns, yarn or inspiration – members are always willing to share their wisdom and techniques.