Back 2 Work

What Are We Doing?

Assisting fellow parishioners facing financial and personal challenges caused by unemployment or underemployment by providing professional services in the areas of human resources, financial planning or family counseling.

Why Are We Doing It?

The economic recession has had a domino effect on our parish community and many parishioners are faced with the loss of a job or underemployment. The parish feels a great need to extend our help to those who are facing these challenges.

Who Is Doing It?

St. Stephen’s parishioners who are Professional consultants in the areas of human resources, financial planning and family counseling are making their services available to other parish families and individuals who are in need of services to enhance their abilities in finding meaningful employment and in working through their personal crisis. These  professionals have come forth to share their time and talents with fellow parishioners.

How Are We Doing It?

Sessions will be scheduled with individuals or families on a needed basis.

When Are We Doing It?

As needed by the individual or family.

Parish Contact: Deacon Denny Dethlefs, Pastoral Associate

The first step is to call and schedule an initial appointment with Deacon Denny Dethlefs to begin the process. The process begins by discussing your current situation and immediate needs. The second step is to locate resources that an individual can contact to begin taking action.

What can you do to help?

First, pray for the success of this new parish ministry so that it can reach the needs
of fellow parishioners. Second, if you are a professional in the areas of human resources, financial planning or family counseling and would like to assist fellow parishioners by providing your professional services, contact Deacon Denny Dethlefs. Third, if you are an employer who is looking to fill vacancies in your company contact Deacon Denny to determine if a match between yourself and parishioners who are seeking employment can be made.

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